I'm a science freak & lately I've been reading a lot of books & watched a lot of documentaries.
Also sorry for my English. It isn't my first language so it's not the best but I tried to explain it clearly and simple.
'' So what'' you're thinking
Well, according to the string theory everything vibrates. You know that we're made of organs & skin. In these are atoms and molecules. In atoms are photons, electrons, protons and neutrons. We're made up of quarks. But what is inside these quarks? Well, according to the string theory, these quarks are made up of small circle like things that constantly move (through vibrating, they gain energy). We still can't see them, because our technology isn't that developed for this to happen (our microscopes can't zoom to make even atoms visible).
So, we're made up of strings which vibrate. This was the basic info you needed.
Now let's talk about Schrödinger's cat. It's an experiment by Austrian Erwin Schrödinger, an intellectual genius. Here it is explained :
Schrödinger wanted people to imagine that a cat, poison, a geiger counter, radioactive material, and a hammer were inside of a sealed container. The amount of radioactive material was minuscule enough that it only had a 50/50 shot of being detected over the course of an hour. If the geiger counter detected radiation, the hammer would smash the poison, killing the cat. Until someone opened the container and observed the system, it was impossible to predict if the cat’s outcome. Thus, until the system collapsed into one configuration, the cat would exist in some superposition zombie state of being both alive and dead.
For those who still don't get it, the cat is 50% alive and 50% dead But ONLY until you open the container to check what really happened.
'' so what does this have to do with desired reality? ''
Here i want to explain Desired Reality scientifically. Think. The cat is dead and alive and when you check inside the container, it's only one of them? Still didn't get it? Well, this just described parallel universes. You either shift to a parallel universe where the cat died or one where the cat is alive.
'' okay but does this happen randomly? ''
Well, no. You can control to which of these 2 universes you will shift to, through your thoughts. If you believe and already know the cat is alive (that doesn't mean faking it or lying to yourself, it's really being sure that the cat is alive) then you will end up in that universe, where it's alive.
Your brain, body, yourself Idk matches the vibration of that reality and that's why you end up there.
And this just explained the whole shifting process. Let's say, now you have 2 options. You're either shifting to your desired reality in let's say 5 minutes, or you are in this reality in 5 minutes. You don't know, because you can't check it, because it still didn't happen & your brain didn't see it happening. This means, you're 50% going to be in your desired reality in 5 minutes & you're 50% going to be in cr in 5 minutes. It's up to you, you end up in the reality that matches your vibrations. It may sound complicated but it totally isn't. Have a deep talk with yourself, and ask yourself why you won't be in your desired reality in 5 minutes. If there's a reason, then destroy it with your thoughts, if there isn't one then think, why you will be in your dr in 5 minutes. Collect as many reasons as you can and if you think you're done, then think logically. If you did, then you should be 100% sure that you shift within 5 minutes.
I also suggest you to not fake believing that you're shifting or something. It's not tricking your brain, it's cooperating with your brain. So you either work WITH it or AGAINST it. I think both theoretically can make you shift, but working with increases the chance to 100%.