sei’s method
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1. atmosphere
2. the method
3. experiencies
4. warnings
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1. atmosphere
If you didn't know, atmosphere is an app where you can combine sounds (like waves, rivers, birds ..) to make you feel in another place.
This app helps A LOT with this method and I always use it, so i recommend downloading it. This is optional though.
If you don’t own the atmosphere app, feel free to use subliminals or theta/lambda/epsilon waves.
What are Theta/Lambda/Epsilon waves?
Theta waves are a noise that generate the theta rhythm, a neural oscillatory pattern.Previous studies have shown that theta waves indicate deep relaxation and occur more frequently in highly experienced meditation practitioners. The source is probably frontal parts of the brain, which are associated with monitoring of other mental processes. Basically they activate a part of your brain used for meditation and understanding.
Lambda are very high frequency waves. Lambda waves are closely related to Epsilon waves. Interestingly, if you zoom in far enough you would see that embedded within the slow Epsilon wave is a very fast Lambda wave. The Epsilon wave is essentially riding on the Lambda wave. Lambda waves are associated with experienced meditators, such as the Tibetan monks, who are able to meditate in the Himalayan mountains for hours without succumbing to the very low temperatures. Lambda is therefore associated with a much higher level of consciousness, beyond simply deep meditation or spiritual consciousness.
Epsilon waves oscillate at a frequency of 0.1 – 0.5 HZ. The so-called Epsilon state is associated with ‘suspended animation'; a state where you're alive but with no obvious signs – so no perceivable heartbeat, respiration or pulse. It is said that some yogis and meditation masters are able to achieve this state. Epsilon waves are thought to shift your consciousness between life and death (Don’t worry, they won’t kill you! This just means they are powerful. Epsilon are the most powerful out of the three.)
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2. the method
here are the instructions ;
step one
1. Make sure your vibrations are high (You need to be happy!). watch a series or something that makes you happy. talk with friends! Do whatever makes you feel content to keep yor vibes high. Personally, I like to scroll through instagram and watch youtube videos. If you want to use atmosphere during this method, open the app, put your headphones on and press all the sounds that make you feel as if you’re in a field. I use the dove sound, the bird sound and some water sounds.
step two
2. Once your vibrations are high, lie on your back, facing the ceiling. Put your hands at your sides so they dont touch your body, but keep them close. You have to be in a comfortable position, so you won't move through this whole method. But don’t worry, it's less about not moving and more about focusing and believing. If you have to swallow, it's okay.
step three
3. imagine yourself as your desired self in a sunny field. imagine it however you want it, but make it detailed. Are there any flowers under you? What are you wearing? what would you see if you sat up and looked in front of you? what's behind you? What can you smell? feel the grass under you.
step four
4. Once you know how the field looks, convince yourself that you're there. keep visualizing, feel happiness and peace while you're there. this is really important. you are 100% in that field right now.
The next step depends on time. this will eventually happen, you just have to wait. Usually for me it happens in 5-10 minutes, but it can be different for other people. be patient and keep waiting, and it will happen.
step five
5. After a while, you will feel your body is off. something of your body will feel weird, like you moved. Usually for me it's like my hand twisted towards my body, like it is broken, or my neck tilted when I haven't moved. it doesn't matter what changes, it means the method is working. this is your 'second body' leaving your physical body.
it's important that no matter what happens that you don't move, stay still, keep visualizing your field and don't move a centimeter. your body didn't move a finger or something like that, you are still in the position that you began with, you just feel the opposite.
step six
6. After you feel that, you can begin with the next step. you have to focus on your eyelids. remember that you're still in the field, that hasn't changed, but now you simply have your eyes closed looking behind your eyelids. if you did it right, you will see colors or patterns moving. focus on these figures and follow them wherever they move. I usually see green stripes that move from left to right.
step seven
7. keep doing this until you feel your body shake. at first it will feel light, but after a while you will feel your heart beating faster, and you will tilt side to side. It's reaaaaally important that you focus on your breathing, if you can't control it, the shaking will stop and it's really difficult to do the method again. breath slowly, and put all your focus on your breathing. while you're still breathing the shaking will become stronger. honestly it's a bit violent how much and how fast you're moving, and it's hard to understand what is happening but it really is a weird experience. remember that your 'second body' it's the one moving. your physical body is completely still. so basically what you should be feeling is shaking from left to right.
step eight

8. Now all you have to do is try and get out of your physical body. Keep focusing on the colors behind your eyelids! to go to your desired reality, look at the “roof” of your eyelids. You will start to see white and you should go from there. While you see the white, affirm that you're laying in that field and remember your reality before your vision is completely over. For a lot of people, this light takes over your vision, leading to the shift.
to astral project, once you're separated from your physical body try to get up and leave your body. this will need a bit of practice but you will do it eventually!
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Original author:

first time
the first time I did this method it was an accident. I was doing another method when I began seeing colors behind my eyelids!! so I started following them because I was bored. then my body started shaking and it was so violent and weird for me that I stopped.
nearly shifted
the next time i did this method I'm 100% sure that I could've shifted. I did what I did the first time again until my body began shaking. I got too excited and the shaking stopped. even so, I focused on the colors behind my eyelids and suddenly I saw white in the corner of my eyes. I focused on the white and it began to grow bigger and bigger. it was pure white and really blinding. I stopped there and opened my eyes, I didn't feel ready. my scripts weren't finished yet. all my experiences are just my body shaking, but I'm sure that every time I did this method this movement happened, sometimes lighter than others.
first time
I first found this method by searching and asking around. It was fairly hard to do at first. I ended up giving up and deciding to just go to bed. I left my subliminals on so i could keep my vibrations high. After staying still and falling asleep, I awoke in my waiting room! I was so surprised to be there! This was my very first experience shifting. It was EXACTLY like real life. I ended up shifting back because I decided I wasnt ready to shift to my DR yet.
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4. warnings/disclaimers
it isn't as serious as it sounds, just some things that I thought you would want to know;
this method is completely safe and painless (it can cause dizziness tho!) it's a cool experience and even if at the beginning it feels a bit weird you will get used to it quickly. some parts may seem a bit questionable like your hand twisting or your body shaking side to side, but it's all painless and even funny !
please investigate first if you're going to astral project with this method This method has made my body shake every time I do it, so it's nothing to play with. If you want to astral project, make sure to know how to protect yourself and know what you're doing.
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that's all !!
Sorry if this is too long or confusing.