raven method, counting
❐. 1
Lay down on in a comfortable position,
don't let ur arms and legs touch your body
You can put on a blanket if you like
and if if its too much light in ur room,
u can put something on ur eyes.
❐. 2
play something, what makes you relaxed
for example :: subliminals, binaural beats, theta waves or even a breathing exercise what makes you relaxed.
❐. 3
Hold your head straight and relax your whole body,
also your jaw.
Try not to move.
❐. 4
count from 1 to 100 pretty slow
(Don’t fall asleep while counting in your head)
❐. 5
Then you’ll probably already feel little tingling on your fingers or feet, if not then just count to 100 again and it’ll work 100%
❐. 6
Then your body should be in a meditative state
(after 5-10mins)
❐. 7
Then choose between
imagine one scenery in your dr/wr
or say affirmations
❐. 8
After you did all that and still are in the meditative state u can go to sleep.
After you wake up, you should
normally wake up in ur Dr!