Today I will be giving you guys a tutorial on how to shift your reality to Hogwarts. For those who do not know what this means, it is basically diving into another universe; this is much deeper than day dreaming.
* Do this at your own choice: This is just a tutorial *

This method is called the "Piano Method" by Kai On Amino and it had worked for me on the first try in about 15-20 minutes. It is different for everyone depending on how well you focus. It is not promised this may be the method for you as their are so many other methods that may suit / fit you. I will be explaining in full detail so it makes sense for beginners in the easiest way possible, providing you knowledge on how to properly do it and what this is all about. It is quite easy and simple and a calmer method compared to other methods.
My experience:
It felt real, as if I was actually there. I even interacted with the characters and it was amazing. I did this before I went to bed and I went in UNSCRIPTED. It all just unfolded for me while I was there as I did have an idea of what I wanted. This will be described more below. Having a script is your own choice. You could be in there for a year while in real life its only like an hour. You can control your own actions but however you cannot bring anything back from that universe in real life.
Those of you who are writing a script must be wondering what you should include. It is quite simple. Improvise. Include what you would want to happen while you are there because this is your imagination and you are in control.
You would want to date George Weasley and be Harry Potter's sister.
You will need a safe word to come back to real reality. Please note to include the timing. This will be further explained below.
Going in unscripted? Before you go, mentally have an idea of what you want when you get there and hold onto that thought. Hopefully it will unfold for you from there.
Wanting to date Ron.
Also, include the timing as this is important and a safe word.
Why include timing? From my research, it is possible for one to get stuck in another universe. Once you are stuck, their are rumours a clone of you will replace your real life and body.
However, whether some believe this rumour, I refuse to believe this.
What is timing? Whether you are going in unscripted or scripted, make sure you include the timing.
Real life - 1 minute. Hogwarts universe - 1 year. While it is only a minute in real life, it will feel like a year in Hogwarts.

Do this method alone, ( ex: bedroom before going to sleep) to avoid distractions. Relax and stay calm. This step is important because you need to focus and be comfortable; weather you're laying down or sitting. Just feel your negative thoughts drifting away.
Now make sure to visualize yourself in a big hall. It doesn't matter what type of big hall, whatever comes to you, because this is your imagination. This big hall should include people talking to each other and it doesn't matter if you know them or not.
In the middle of this big hall, it should have a grand piano. The way this piano looks (colour/shape) is your own choice. Just relax and do not force it, let it come to you.
Next, visualize yourself in classy and elegant clothes. All the people now look at you when they see you but the loud talking turns into whispering. You walk down the big hall and towards the piano, everyone's eyes glued onto you. Once you take a seat, the hall immediately goes silent and you start to play a song on the grand piano. It could be any song. Only concentrate on playing the piano.
Once the song has finished, stand up and take a bow. Next say, "Sorry, I have to go home now." You walk down the hall and when you reach it, someone random who you feel like you can trust takes your hand and leads you into a corridor filled with doors. However, the dark brown oak door with a golden handle catches your eye. The person you are with opens the door for you and walks in first. As the door opens, you are met with a shining golden light and a warm feeling. The person motions you to come in as well while saying, "Welcome home."
You enter the door, stepping into the golden light. Now you are surrounded by stars. When you feel the golden light starting to fade away, quickly imagine yourself on the train to Hogwarts. From their, you can use a script if you have one or go with the flow.
To come out of this universe, say the safe word and simply open your eyes. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message on We Heart It and stay safe.