Peter Pan Method
First imagine someone from your dr coming through your window.
they will then ask you if you’re ready to go home (dr). Think about this. Are you ready? Do you need to talk to someone first? Have you gived your family a hug? what about your friends? is your script done? make sure you're confident with your answer
then visualize them taking your hand and taking you into the sky, you will see your neighborhood and city/town. Is it cold? can you feel the moisture of the clouds? can you see the city clearly, or is there fog? what does the air smell like?
after you fly around for awhile you will go through a cloud, when you come out of the cloud visualize the view from the sky of your dr (dream reality). Is it night or day there? Can you see city lights? is it a pretty view?
and you will fly around with them from awhile until they take you to your dr home. visualize your dr room. is it messy? clean? what does it smell like? if you stood on the floor, what would your carpet feel like? do you have a desk? any tables in the room? what kind of closet do you have?
They will lay you in what position you are in while attempting to shift (such as if you were laying down or sitting down they will put you in the same position you were in) you then visualize your surroundings as if you were looking around in POV.
After you are done with the method began saying affirmations in your head. After awhile you might feel your surroundings change or inside your eyes will become very bright, you may even feel like you’re falling. After that’s done then you can either go to sleep and you’ll wake up in your dr, or you can open your eyes (which is what I did). You can lay down or sit for this method.