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The Eye Method !
original Author
step one:
rub your eyes til you start seeing those shapes and lines or whatever (rubbing your eyes hard might actually be dangerous so don’t go sicko mode and rub it super hard plz )

like this^
step two:
once you start seeing those lines and stuff, stop rubbing your eyes but keep them closed! then try visualizing-ish your dr, using those lines and stuff! like the lines rearrange into your dr. (plz it’s hard to explain but i hope y’all get me :flushed: )
step three:
you can start affirming from here and make sure that it truly seems like your dr behind your eyelids! once you truly feel like you’re there and you trick your conscious into seeing it, you can open your eyes and boom! you’re in your dr 🧍‍♀ .
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my friend’s experience!
okay so she was in school from what i understood and it was quiet, she had finished her work and decided to try her method! she actually shifted PLZ LMAOO- but yes she shifted using it but she came back just to tell me and my other friends about it so we can use the method too. she shifted AGAIN using it too during the same time. she said it only took her about 5 minutes or so, she also said it was super easy and she has aphantasia so i hope this method is helpful for others who also have it!
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okay so that was the eye method!
i hope you all go home when you
use this method and remember
i love you and so does the universe

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not me putting three different anime girls from three different animes

also plz give credit to my friend and me if you repost it anywhere else!!