♡Cherry Pop Method♡
Note: this is for shifting realities only ^°^
What you will need ♡
A silent room to lay down in,
Headphones or Earbuds,
Your phone or electronic device,
A YouTube video with something relating to water/rain or
Audio of something relating to water like rain or a shower.

What exactly is the “Cherry Pop Method?” ♡

the cherry pop method is a new sort of trick or cheat sheet per say to getting closer to shifting. mostly, it helps you relax and get in a better mood for things. there are two different versions currently, one to deal with water will another to deal with other sounds. pls enjoy→
The First Step!
Find a mostly quiet room that you can lay down somewhere in. Plug in your headphones/earbuds into whatever device you are using. Turn the volume to your preffered level, just not to high that your ears start to ring.
The Second Step!
Make sure your dressed comfortably and have drunk enough water beforehand. Put on your headphones/ear buds, make sure they are plugged in all the way. Start the audio, make sure to have a type that is mutiple sounds layered like a rain storm or heavy rain type of deal.
The Third Step!
Lay down with your audio playing in your ears. You need to lay in a way so your headphones/earbuds stay put. Have your device on low brightness and your room with the blinds/curtains closed. Close your eyes and clear your mind.
Once your mind is clear of all other thoughts, begin to take the audio in. Let yourself begin to imagine that you are somewhere near or in the water. You can be showering, you can be swimming. It's all up to you.
Now this is where it gets hard. You have to picture yourself with detail as it goes on. Start visualizing yourself doing a certain thing, wearing a certain outfit or color. Imagine how it feels to be swimming in a lake or washing your body in a bath.
Picture the water moving over and around your skin. Feel the softness of it, feel the way it makes you sink further and further into it's calm waves. Allow yourself to completely relax with this, I recommend downloading a frequency for relaxation and overlay it with the water noises. It helps A LOT.
The Final Step ↓
Allow yourself to let go of all your worries and sink into the scene. Sink into the water or the air, whatever audio you use. Feel the sensations and keep on looking at the roof of your eyelids. You should start seeing a white light, let yourself start to imagine the light covering and filling up the water. And with that, you're maybe gonna shift.~

Some helpful tips & tea ♡
I use this method now and I get closer to shifting fully each time. You'll feel like your body's swaying back and forth along with a tingly feeling swooping in. Everything will feel weird, but don't be scared. Keep on doing it.
I use the atmosphere app for this, I click water related sounds from all the different options and the most recent try i used the binary frequency made for relaxation. That helped a lot as my nerves relaxed allowing me to start repeating affirmations in my head. I felt closer to my desired reality more than ever before!
Personally, I say try a few times before doing this permanently. It won't be for everyone and the tingles/swaying feeling tends to stay afterwards. It takes a while for everything to start hitting you, but when it does it's pretty much head on.
I hope my method helps you shift and get closer to your DR. I made this specifically to help lift your faith and your mood when attempting to shift. Just be happy y'all. (/^-^(^ ^*)/