im not sure who came up with this method, but all credit goes to them!

-first you wanna get in a relaxed state, to do this try meditating. there is a link at the bottom with sound suggestions, along with the methods master list for you to find other methods.

-after meditating, play a subliminal, theta waves, or whatever you wish to help you shift. lay in a starfish position, or at least don’t let your limbs touch. this part is optional, but count until you feel like you’ve lost your thoughts that do not correlate to your DR

-after counting, imagine you (your CR self) are in a field. the field can look however you wish. try to imagine how the grass would feet on your feet, how the wind will feel against your skin, how your clothes feel, how the flowers around you will smell. it’s fine if you don’t do all that too i’m sure.

-once you do that, imagine you see an animal, it can be any animal you wish, and now imagine that animal is running towards something. start chasing the animal, following it to where it is leading you to. do not rush following the animal! take your time as if you have all the time in the world.

-after chasing the animal for a while, imagine it leads you to a portal. this is a portal to your DR. imagine you hear things through this portal. such as characters from your DR, or even affirmations telling you, you are in your DR. imagine you can see your DR through this portal, too.

-now step in the portal, stand there and feel the energy beaming around you, engulfing your entire body.

-you can either stay in the portal until you feel you’ve shifted, or come out the other side in your DR room. imagine your DR self getting into bed and falling asleep, then fall asleep yourself.

and that’s it, you should hopefully wake up, or end up in your DR!